Wooden designer monogrammed initials decorated with embellishments | Pink


These initials are a great way to personalize a room or to gift someone, be it a kid or an adult.


This wooden monogrammed initial is a perfect addition for someone looking to personalize their room and ramp up a boring wall. The wooden initials also makes an ideal gift for a kid, friend, colleague and just about anyone. The initial can be hung using hooks at the back or kept on a table.

Height: 11″, width is proportionate to the Alphabet chosen

Reasons you will love this:
1. The boards are individually hand-painted by an artist.
2. Can be customized with anyone’s name.
2. It has a clear coating for protection which makes it water-resistant.
3. Made in India

Utility style and care:
Do not rub with wet cloth to remove dirt, you can use a normal cloth and clean the surface with minimal pressure. Though each piece is sealed to make it water resistant, use of wet cloth should be avoided.

Please contact at hello@thecraftsutra.in for customization queries and requests for your order.


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