Vibrant Owl Handpainted Ceramic Coffee Mug- 250ml


This Vibrant Owl handpainted ceramic mug will bring a lot of quirkiness to your room. It can be used both as a decorative table accessory and a usual coffee mug. It is a functional mug, you can drink your hot coffee/tea in it.


  • Material- Ceramic Mug
  • Size- 250ml
  • Colour- Blue
  • Functions- Drink your morning coffee or evening tea in it. It can be used a decorative pen stand as well.
  • Cleaning- After using, rinse it gently with liquid soap and water at room temperature. Do not rinse it with hot water.


Disclaimer: We meticulously hand-paint one piece at a time, due to which, there might be slight variations from one item to another. Such minor variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade/hand-painted products which makes your purchase special and truly one of a kind.


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