Macrame Corridor Premium Dream Catcher – Tree of Life, Macrame Art, Wall Hanging, Wall Decor, Nursery Decor


Trees have always evoked a sense of calm and peace so it is unsurprising that the Tree of Life is also a symbol for peacefulness and relaxation. Trees have a relaxing presence as they stand tall and still while their leaves flutter in the breeze. The Tree of Life serves as a reminder for the unique, calming feeling that one gets from trees. Dream catchers are not just beautiful hippie style home decorations. Those are perfect gifts for loved ones because dream catcher’s aim to protect people from bad dreams. It could be used as wedding decor too. Nights are full of dreams – good and bad, and if over your bed hangs a “dream Catcher”, the night air, moving freely in the wicker web of the Catcher, will capture for you circling near and passing by dreams. Good and good dreams, knowing the way, pass through the weaving, falling to you, and evoking images of good visions. But bad dreams, not knowing the way, are captured by the web of the Catcher, and at the first rays of the sun crumble forever.


1. Specifically used wooden beads to make this Tree of Life, as they are known to empower relationships with loved once, promoting forgiveness & banishing negativity and bitterness.

2. At The Macrame Corridor each Dream Catcher is handwoven with love and positivity. This gorgeous looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting only positive dreams pass through. We have carefully merged art with benefits of colour psychology that will ensure happiness and optimism.

3. We at The Macrame Corridor only use 100% natural premium quality materials and with free range feathers only thus being in harmony with nature! hence a totally eco-friendly and has longtime quality expectation.


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