Hamsa hand wall hanging | Diwali collection – Traditional and auspicious | Green+blue


A beautiful wall hanging meant to bring the owner happiness, luck and fortune.


The Hamsa hand is a palm-shaped amulet commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. It’s a protective sign meant to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune to the owner. It’s a beautiful wall hanging and makes a wonderful Diwali gift as well.

Significance of Hamsa hand:
According to Hindus and Buddhists, the Hamsa represents the flow of energy of the chakras in your body as well as the five senses and mudras. Each finger of the Hamsa is representative of a chakra and an element.

Size: 12″*8″

Reasons you will love this:
1. The wall hangings are hand-painted by an artist.
2. The vibrant colours complement Indian homes and add a festive vibe.
3. Made in India

Utility style and care:
The hook at the back can be used to hang the wall hanging. Just use a slighly damp cloth to remove dirt.


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